Catalog: KRONSTADT 1601, 1612-1615


Bathori Sigismund granted to the town of Kronstadt the right to mint coins in 1602. But the town mint was already issuing coins one year earlier with the towns coat of arms on the rev. of the coins. After a 10 years break, during the fight between Bathori Sigismund and Radu Serban, the town mint started to issue coins again, until 1615.

Sigismund Bathory a acordat orasului Brasov dreptul de a bate moneda in 1602. Dar monetaria din oras a inceput deja cu un an inainte sa emita monede cu stema orasului pe revers. Dupa o pauza de 10 ani in timpul luptelor dintre Gabriel Bathory si Radu Serban, monetaria a fost repusa in functiune. si a batut monede pana in 1615.

Coins minted:

taler klippe 1601
1/2 taler (gulden) 1601
10 ducat 1612
ducat 1612
taler 1612
1/2 taler (gulden) 1612
groschen (gros) 1612
ducat 1613
groschen (gros) 1613
copper groschen (gros de cupru) – 1613
groschen klippe (gros klippe) – 1614
groschen (gros) – 1614
copper groschen (gros de cupru) – 1614
copper groschen (gros de cupru) – 1615