Catalog: FERDINAND I 1551-1556

FERDINAND I (1551-1556)

Starting from 1551 the Holy Roman Emperor, Ferdinand I, started to mint coins at the Hermannstadt mint, and these coins can be considered as Transylvanian. On the rev. of these coins we can still see St. Ladislaus, but on the obv. now appears the habsburgic two-headed eagle.

Incepand din 1551 imparatul Ferdinand I a inceput sa foloseasca monetaria de la Sibiu, iar piesele batute in aceasta perioada (1551-1556) se pot considera monede Transilvanene. Pe reversul pieselor inca se mai apare Sf. Ladislau dar pe avers deja putem vedea vulturul Habsburgic.

The coins he minted at Hermannstadt between 1551-1556 are considered Transylvanian coins.

A batut monede pentru Transilvania intre anii 1551-1556 la Sibiu:

1 ducat 1551
1 ducat 1552
double taler klippe / dublu taler klippe – 1552
klippe of one and a half taler / klippe de un taler si jumatate – 1552
taler klippe 1552
half taler klippe / klippe de jumatate taler – 1552
1/4 taler 1552
denar 1552
1 ducat 1553
1 ducat 1554
1 ducat 1555
1 ducat 1556