Catalog: BATHORI CRISTOPH 1576-1585


Bathori Christoph – became prince of Transylvania after his brother Bathori Stephan became the king of Poland, but the power structure did not change. As noted, the Transylvanian chancellery in Cracow, headed by Berzeviczy Marton, exercised greater authority than the one in the principality under Kovacsoczy Farkas.

Between 1581 and 1586, the government of Transylvania was firmly in the hands of Bathori Stephan, King of Poland, and after the death of Bathori Christoph, the Cracow chancellery became the sole locus of decision-making.

Bathori Kristof (Cristofor Bathori) – a devenit principe al Transilvaniei dupa ce fratele lui, Stefan Bathori a fost numit rege al Poloniei.

Coins minted:

10 ducat 1577
5 ducat 1577
4 ducat 1577
2 ducat 1577
1 1/2 ducat 1577
ducat 1577
taler 1577
ducat 1578
ducat 1579
1/4 ducat 1579
denar 1579
4 ducat 1580
taler 1580
ducat 1580
taler klippe 1580
10 ducat 1583
5 ducat 1583

Bathory family coat of arms