Catalog: BARCSAI ACHATIUS 1658-1660


Barcsai Achatius was elected as prince of Transylvania in October 7, 1658, imposed by the Ottoman Porte. He ruled only for a very short while. He minted only coins with high nominal value, all very rare.

Barcsai Akos (Acatiu Barcsai) a fost ales principe al Transilvaniei la 7 octombrie 1658. A fost impus pe tronul principatului de Poarta Otomana si a avut o domnie scurta. A batut numai monede de valori nominale mari, toate sunt foarte rare. Monedele nici nu ajuns in circulatie, fiind platite ca tribut catre Poarta Oromana.

Barcsai was one of Transylvania’s governors when Rakoczi was away in Poland. In exchange for the princely crown, he agreed with the turkish Grand Vizier Ahmer Köprülü to pay an annual tribute of 40,000 gold pieces as well as war reparations in the amount 500,000 silver thalers. Other conditions was to cede Lugoj (Lugos) and Caransebes (Karánsebes) to the Turks, and to have Rakoczi seized.

He was accused of being self-seeking and power-hungry, but since no one could come up with a better solution, the Diet endorsed his appointment as prince on 7 October 1658.

Coins minted:

1659 – 10 ducat gold coin; 10 ducat gold klippe; ducat; taler; taler klippe; 1/2 taler

1660 – 10 ducat gold coin; 10 ducat gold klippe; 9 ducat gold klippe; 7 ducat gold coin; 5 ducat gold klippe; 5 ducat gold coin; 2 ducat gold coin; ducat; taler; 1/2 taler; 1/2 taler klippe

Barcsai coat of Arms